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Rubber joint FSFA-EE

Rubber joint FSFA-EE DN 80 PN 10/16

  • Galavnized flanges
  • Internal body EPDM
  • External body EPDM
  • Minimum overall axial dimensions
  • Limited weight
  • Low deformation forces
  • High fatigue strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • No need for gaskets during installation
  • High acoustic damping capacity
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To withstand the stresses due to the operating pressure and temperature to which they will be subjected, the rubber joints are internally reinforced with several layers of textile fi bres and steel wires arranged accordingly. In this manner the rubber joint can be used safely in pipelines in order to reduce stresses by compensating for the axial, lateral and angular movements due to contraction or extension of the pipelines caused by thermal variations of the piped fl uid or the surrounding environment, dampen mechanical vibrations caused by operating machines, interrupt the propagation of noise caused by the pumping action of the fluid in the piping.



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