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Flood emergency kit

FLUTBOX - Flood emergency kit


Just put the carrying cage with the pump on the ground and
pump the water out of the building via the fire hose.

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Pump U5 KS

  • High performance motor Hmax 8 m and Qmax 11,5 m³/h
  • A motor cooling jacket enables continuous operation
  • Reliable pumping due to a large free solids passage of 20 mm
  • 10 m power cable
  • LGA type tested and monitored

Fire hose 12,5 m

  • Quick and easy attachment by a C-coupling
  • Sturdy, durable material
  • Space-saving storage when hose is rolled up
  • Prolongable with the standard C-coupling

Carrying cage

  • Pump fixation stabilizes the pump while it is used within the cage
  • Protection against silting
  • Wall mounting for storing the "Flutbox"